Postdoctoral fellowship Positions

With our aim to create a leading research university, we view excellent postdocs as potential future faculty for Guangdong Technion .

With the new campus established in Guangdong in 2017, we will continue to offer Postdoc Fellowships at Technion – Haifa to top candidates who demonstrate interest and motivation to become faculty at Guangdong Technion .

Fellowships are offered to top candidates that will conduct research and teach courses that are relevant to one of the following programs:

College of Engineering

Biotechnology and Food Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

College of Science





Upon successful completion of a fellowship, excellent candidates will be considered for tenure – track appointments at the Guangdong Technion  campus.

Faculty for Guangdong Technion  will be appointed according to Technion’s standards and procedures, and will maintain the same high academic standards of education, research and innovation for which the Technion’s Haifa campus is so renowned. Future faculty will conduct innovative research programs, often based on collaboration with scientists from the Technion Haifa. Such joint research projects will often be developed during the postdoctoral fellowship period on the Haifa campus.

During their fellowship in the Technion Haifa, postdoctoral fellows, in addition to promoting innovative research projects and launching new research collaborations, will also be able to participate in the Technion’s English language programs for international students; this will provide them with an opportunity to prepare classroom materials for their future teaching careers at Guangdong Technion .


Guangdong Technion Postdoc experience in Technion Haifa

Dr. Jing XIE –  Mechanical Engineering

Advisor: Professor Daniel Rittel


My study is of particleless waterjet surface treatment of Ti6Al4V titanium alloy. The objective of this study is to model numerically (finite element) the surface topography of titanium alloy after treatment of waterjet peening, and in-plane residual stress, with emphasis on the resulting microstructure, as a function of the waterjet process parameters.

The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, whose graduates and professors would go on to win four Nobel Prizes in chemistry, opened its doors in 1924. Working here as a post doc, I feel so lucky! Technion owns a picturesque campus. All the people here are extremely kind and nice, which makes you very comfortable and enjoyable. The activities for post doc are quite rich and varied, you could explore a colorful life here.

Haifa is a tranquil city. The views from the top of Mountain Carmel are breathtaking. Haifa has a wealth of museums and the magnificent Baha’i Gardens. The nightlife is also thriving, and thanks to the multi religious population, there’s plenty to do here on Friday night and Saturday.

Dr. Zongsu Wei – Chemical Engineering

Advisors: Drs. Raphael Semiat and Carlos Dosoretz


I am thrilled to earn the opportunity to work closely with renowned professors Raphael Semiat and Carlos Dosoretz at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Technion. They allowed me the freedom to pursue research I am interested in and discover my path. This freedom led to a broad knowledge of environmental science and a variety of cutting-edge techniques in water purification. The training I received as a GTIIT postdoctoral fellow at Technion made me prepared and confident to take on a scientific career.

My wife and my two-year-old son also joined me at Haifa, a beautiful port city along the Mediterranean Sea. While we enjoy the scenery, colors, scents and flavors of Northern Israel, we are also exposed to memorable cultural experiences. Especially, we are very happy that our son attended kindergarten and learnt Hebrew there. It has been an invaluable experience for us at Technion, Haifa.

Dr. Xinpeng Xu

Advisor: prof. Len Pisman



I am Xinpeng Xu, a current GTIIT-postdoctor from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering in Technion. I am Chinese and I am living in Haifa with my wife and our newborn son. I joined in Technion this February after finishing two-years postdoctor from Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel. We enjoy the life here in Haifa and in Israel very much. Haifa is near the Mediterranean Sea and is very beautiful. Moreover, most Israeli are very nice, friendly and warmhearted.

I am a theoretician working with Prof. Len Pismen in the research field of Cell Mechanics and Mechanobiology, which is quite interdisciplinary and lies in the interface between science and engineering. We are now interested in the theory and modeling of the mechanical properties of the actin cortex of animal cells. These researches uncover the mystery of living life and is also very helpful in developing new medicine and new method of medical treatment of human diseases. Technion is an open-minded international university and it is always easy to find collaborators within and out of the campus.

Dr. Xianhui Li

Advisor: Dr. Raphael Semiat

Dr. Xianhui Li

My name is Xianhui Li. I obtained his PhD from Tianjin Polytechnic University (Tianjin, China) in March 2015, investigating the fouling mechanism and hydrodynamics in submerged hollow fiber membrane. Since April 2015 I as a GTIIT Post-Doc continues my research in the group of Prof. Dr. Raphael Semiat in Technion, Israel. I am currently working on the scaling control in desalination process. My research also includes membrane separation technology in water treatment.

Israel is a mysterious country, in which you can meet remnants of fortresses and religious shrines arches dating back to biblical times. The Technion is located in a beautiful Mediterranean city Haifa. Technion international helps us to ease the transition to campus life and living in Israel through enjoyable social events. Importantly, as one of top universities of science and engineering, the good scientific environment and innovation awareness of the staff help us to produce excellent academic achievements.


Additional Information
Visas and Pre-Departure Information
As part of your preparation, we suggest you follow the following guidelines when arranging your visa:
Any visa request requires at least four weeks to be approved by the Israeli Ministry of Interior. The Visiting Scientists Coordinator Office for Academic Staff must be contacted at least two months in advance.
Stays of up to three months can be covered by a tourist visa. Stays of more than three months require either another type of visa or an extension of the tourist visa to be issued at the Ministry of Interior in Israel.
Tourist B/2 Visa: Citizens of some countries can receive this visa at Ben Gurion Airport. Check prior to departure whether this applies to you.
Student A/2 Visa: Students and academic guests can obtain this type of visa to stay in Israel for up to one year.
This visa must be obtained through the Technion. A request form will be sent to you by the Faculty with the formal invitation letter. Review a sample visa application request letter. You may download the visa application.
Candidates are invited to contact the Visiting Scientists Coordinator Office for Academic Staff for assistance with their visa processing. Please send an email to Ms. Ayellet Katalan:
Some pre-departure information and housing resources are included in the Academic Visitors Guide. More general pre-departure information, housing and useful information about living in Haifa can be found in the Guide for Technion Academic Visitors
All foreign post-doctoral fellows are required, upon entering Israel, to present evidence of their and their families possessing medical insurance. They are required to purchase an adequate health insurance policy prior to arrival at the Technion. This is the post-doctoral fellow’s responsibility.
The medical insurance must cover the period they intend to stay at the Technion. As a post-doctoral fellow, you must have a policy that will give you coverage for your entire stay in Israel. Meaning, a policy with a continuance of the medical coverages from one year to the next. You may purchase insurance in your home country or in Israel. The insurance must include a number of basic components. Therefore, if you have purchased insurance in a foreign country, it must cover illnesses and accidents, including a total medical coverage up to 75,000 US$ as well as a medical evacuation clause. You must present this insurance policy to the Technion upon your arrival.
We recommend to be covered by a local Israeli insurance company, and the most recommended is the Harel Insurance Company, the leading health insurer in Israel.
Harel-Yedidim Insurance Agency, which is a part of Harel Insurance Company, has been operating in the last 20 years at the Technion and in most of the academic institutes in Israel. The long-term health care coverage “Prestige”, the only long term policy in Israel, is offered to our post-doctoral fellows. There is no co-pay in the medical services.
As mentioned above, the Prestige plan is a yearly policy designed to provide maximum coverage to post-doctoral fellows throughout Israel. The Prestige plan provides continuous health care coverage from one year to the next. In general, health insurance policies do not cover pre-existing medical conditions. The Prestige is the only policy that includes coverage of deteriorating pre-existing medical conditions, up to 1000$. The policy covers within the borders of Israel through a network of clinics spread throughout the country. The premium for the Prestige policy is approximately US$ 840 per year.
This insurance plan is offered to you and your family.
You can apply for Harel-Yedidim health insurance coverage by contacting them directly (better to do it before your arrival).
Contact Information at Harel-Yedidim:
Mr. Amos Gilboa/ Mrs. Einat Cohen
Tel: +972-3-6386216; Fax: +972-3-6874534
Reception hours are held at Technion International on the 2nd floor.