Additional information

Work Permit and Residence Permit

Work Permit Application

Application Form for Foreigner’s Work Permit.

Work qualification certificate: indicating relevant work experience from employee’s previous workplace, including position, work period or relevant project, contact person and contact information, together with the official stamp or signature from the responsible person.

Highest academic degree and other relevant certificates: the degree needs to be recognized and verified by Chinese Embassy/Consulate overseas, or employee’s embassy/consulate in China, or degree authentication authority in China or residence country. Certificates such as TESOL, TOFEL, Engineer Certificate, Techer Certificate, etc. can be provided if applicable.

Non-criminal Record Commitment

Physical Examination Record for Foreigner

Employment contract with electronic signature

Information page of applicant’s passport

Electronic hatless full-face color photograph: white background, image in the middle and takes up about 2/3 of the photo, JPG format, file size above 150KB with 1024*768 pixel, resolution above 300DPI

Relevant documents of accompanying family members: information page of passport holder, proof of family relationship (spouse – marriage certificate, children – birth certificate), health report required for 18 years old or above (see Point 5), electronic hatless full-face color photograph



The Chinese Currency is called Ren Min Bi (RMB) or CNY (Chinese Yuan). The currency exchange rate with US dollar is currently:

1 USD ≌ 6.90 CNY

Opening a bank account

There are 2 banks on STU campus – Bank of China and Construction Bank. The opening of a Bank account is an easy process with support of STU or GTIIT finance office assistant. The currency of the payment can be in USD or Chinese currency.

Salary and income tax

Your salary will be deposited monthly into your personal account, normally in the Bank of China on STU campus. The salary can be paid in USD or RMB. According to the related laws and regulations, for an initial period of 2 years, at least, foreign experts including professors and teaching and researchers are exempt of personal income tax in China.