Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Following the approval of the Chinese MOE, Guangdong Technion  plans to offer the following academic Bachelor of Science programs. Please note that all programs will follow the exact requirements of Technion-Israel Institute of Technology academic programs and students will be awarded Technion academic degrees upon completion.

Program offerings (according to projected launch date):

BSc in Chemical Engineering

College: College of Engineering

Duration: 8 Semesters (4 Years)

Description: The Chemical Engineering program prepares future engineers to tackle many of the global challenges we will be facing in the next 50 years. The program responds to the demand for professional engineering solutions to emerging human and natural impacts on the local and global environment associated with energy, water, healthcare, food production, consumer goods manufacturing (such as plastics and polymers, and pulp and paper), and other factors.

Expected Launch Date: October 2017

BSc in Biotechnology and Food Engineering

College: College of Engineering

Duration: 8 Semesters (4 Years)

Description: The Biotechnology and Food Engineering program aims to train its graduates to enter both the knowledge-intensive biotechnology industry, which is continually growing world-wide, and the food industry, which is becoming more biotechnologically oriented and undergoing renewed development due to increased involvement by huge international companies in local industries.

Expected Launch Date: October, 2017

BSc in Material Engineering

College: College of Engineering

Duration: 8 Semesters (4 Years)

Description: The Materials Engineering program aims to train graduates to integrate and lead in research and development of materials and their characterization and uses for high-technology industries – from semi-conductor manufacturing through materials for biological applications. Students will conduct senior projects in material science in cooperation with industry and will be exposed to advanced research methods in material science and engineering.

Expected Launch Date: October, 2017

In the future, the following undergraduate programs will be launched:

BSc in Chemistry

BSc in Environmental Engineering

BSc in Mechanical Engineering

BSc in Mathematics

BSc in Physics

BSc in Biochemical Engineering

BSc in Biology



As a research university, our aim is to attract a large international population of research students who will also serve as teaching assistants and teach frontal review sessions (including course exercises) constituting between 20%-25% of typical Technion coursework.

Until receipt of Chinese MOE approval for awarding Guangdong Technion post-graduate research degrees, we will enroll graduate students (mostly PhD students) at Technion’s Graduate School in Haifa, Israel and permit them to be supervised by Guangdong Technion faculty who hold Technion academic appointments.